The Latin Sports Hall of Fame through the years

In the United States, there are Sports Halls of Fame that honor professional and amateur athletes in football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis and other sports. There are also halls that recognize outstanding athletes from different ethnic groups including Italian, Jewish, Irish, and people of color, to name a few.


Up to 1975, there was not a single hall of fame that would recognize, honor and salute the outstanding accomplishments, achievements and contributions of our Latino/Hispanic Sports Heritage not only from the United Sates but also those who came to this country from Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Central and South America and from the vast talent from the Caribbean Islands.


The Latin Sports Hall of Fame is born

The Latin-American International Sports Hall of Fame/Salon de la Fama Latinoamericano del Deporte was organized in Laredo, Texas in 1974. At first, it was to celebrate, honor and promote local and regional individuals who had excelled at their particular sport but soon it opened the doors to include national and international amateur and professional athletes. It also recognizes as Sportsman of the Year individuals and organizations who continue to preserve and enhance our Latino culture, values and educational opportunities both academic and recreational for our youth and who contribute for the betterment of the City of Laredo and South Texas. There have been since its inception an equal recognition of women athletes inductees. The organizers felt that these Latin Hall of Famers would serve as role models for our youth and community.


Past Inductees

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